EMV/NFC/Apple Pay

Avoid liability for card fraud with EMV™-enabled card reader terminals. Credit card fraud losses, which topped $10 billion in 2014, typically are the responsibility of the card issuer. After October 1, 2015 fraudulent chip card transactions on non-EMV compliant terminals will result in the liability shifting to merchants, putting their businesses and reputations at risk.

By embracing EMV technology, Universal Payment Solutions protecting your business from the liability and your customers will feel better than ever about doing business with you. All POS systems offered by Uniersal Payment Solutions are EMV ready and enable our merchants to:

Integrated NFC capabilities of these terminals and pinpad support alternative payments such as Apple Pay ™ as well as value-added applications such as loyalty and/or gift card acceptance.

Accept, void and refund credit and debit cards securely through EMV terminal or pinpad.

Class A certified card readers terminals allows Universal Payment Solutions merchants to connect directly to our back-end processors, thus avoiding gateways and reducing monthly processing fees.